Ghostfire – Demo Review

Anachronistic punks.

Anachronistic punks.

Steampunk is a slippery concept . At once literary tradition, design style and fashion statement. And now, increasingly – music genre. But how does a band capture and create the sound of a time that never existed? How can you classify something as steampunk when your source material is disparate fiction? Well, you just do it and see what happens…

And until now I never really agreed with any band calling themselves steampunk – Abney Park, although awesome are a little too electronic, Unextraodinary Gentlemen, too experimental and Thomas Truax, well he’s kind of odd.

But now there is Ghostfire who sound like what would happen if you stuck The Cure, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, a steam organ and Tom Waits into a blender, and dressed the result in brass goggles, top hats and told them to entertain a drunken punk crowd.

That laboured metaphor can boil down to three words ‘they sound fantastic.’

It’s the kind of thing the common people would listen too in a steampunk setting. After a hard day building airships the workforce would retire to gin soaked taverns and be entertained by something sounding a lot like this.

Demo opener Vaudevillian is a ska tinged, beer soaked sing-along about vampires (I think) that shows off singer Steven’s powerful and unique vocals, Masters of the Sea is a haunted shipwreck of a song. Ghostways Of Paris is a gothic absinthe-nightmare in lace and leather and demo closer Barrio – possibly the weakest song in comparison – is still a jarring – jangly slab of romantic darkness.

Praises don’t get sung much higher than this. Steampunk just got it’s official sound.

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