6is9 – Demo Review

Black and white is always better.

Black and white is always better.

There is a fundamental problem with 6is9’s first punky shout to the world. It’s clean. Not like It’s had a going over with jif, but the sound is sanitized and polished and every instrument can be heard well. In pretty much every genre of music, this would be a good thing, but not punk.

Punk is dirty. Punk is ugly. Punk should sound like a fight in a chip shop against tramps with guitars used as weapons.

6is9 don’t sound like the aforementioned chippie punch-up. Their songs are technically, very very good, Catchy, well put together slices of old school punk. And the lyrics are well above the average reading age for the usual 3 chord types. (Artschool Dropout reference - good work) Their claimed frame of reference – The Stooges, certainly shines through – dirgy shoutalongs like I’m Not Stable reflect the legendary band, but still, the problem remains. This is sanitised punk.

I have the solution for 6is9. And take note aspiring punkers. When next you record do these things…

Drink heavily.
Fight. Each other preferably.
Make your singer smoke a huge cigar,
Hit your producer over the head with a crowbar.
Make sure everything is recorded and done in 12 hours.

I have every expectation that 6is9 will be a fantastic and raw beast when live. The songs are there. I just hope they record some energy along with he notes they play.

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