Dyscarnate: Annihilate To Liberate – CD Review

A metal logo I can read? Whatever next?

A metal logo I can read? Whatever next?

Dyscarnate are like an angry rhino on pro plus. Brutal, but very, very focused. This young Horsham four piece are one of the best things I’ve heard in a while. Not just demos, but from signed bands. It’s incredibly professional for a first release and, luckily, they totally have the talent to back up the glossy packaging.

It reminds me of Vader in a way, not musically, its far closer to American Death Metal in that respect – think Origin, Dying Foetus, Suffocation, Skinless etc – but the fact that it’s absolutely no nonsense head down intensity. No stupid samples or acoustic shit to taint the brutality of this release. It doesn’t let up. Not even a solo gets in the way of the lightning fast riffing and barrage of  double bass drumming.

No song outstays its welcome, things move along at a pace. Opening track Fuelling The Ignorance kicks along, the dual vocals hardly ever let up, and when they do, an absolutely MAHOUSIVE groove kicks in which fits nicely with the technicality on display. …And We March On displays the band’s ability to write catchy riffs along with complexity. Rape The Fallen has a more thrashy vibe than the rest of the album which works very well, kicking the pace up (as if it could really get any quicker) Assimilation Of Indifference begins slow but soon goes on to display amazingly technical drumming and pace. Album closer Opposites Detract is filled with stop – start circle headbanging brilliance that is sure to break some necks live.

One thing that really made the album stand out was no lazy reliance on simple snare blast beats. Sure, the blasts are there, but only when they work. The drums actually complement the riffing, rather than just being there. Also, we have to remember that this is the first demo of a relatively new band. It sounds like this should be on Metal Blade and the Dyscarnate guys are on tour with Cannibal Corpse. Really. It’s that good.

There is no real innovation on this album, no new ideas or taking Death Metal in strange new directions. What is happening here is an attempt at the perfection of death metal. And it gets damn close.

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