Puck: All We Got – CD Review


Puck are obviously a band who have worked hard on their sound, for a demo this is super slick with a solid, clear production that showcases frontlady AmyJay’s soaring vocals. If anything however, this could be as much a problem as a bonus. Things start promisingly enough, with a chunky, stonery riff introducing opener”Fly”. Once those vocals kick in however, the heavy edge quickly rubs off. I’ve mentioned the slick production, and combined with the high end vox there’s a definite touch of 80s and early 90s rock to this, Heart and Vixen springing to mind (and bizarrely, the fictional Tia Carrera fronted band from “Wayne’s World”!).

While the band are all good musicians there’s a certain lack of direction, and a slightly dated approach to songwriting that could hinder the band’s commercial success (I could of course be completely wrong, and they may conquer the US market the way groups like Train have previously- never underestimate the power of MOR), likewise the vocals are excellent, but perhaps a little too sweet, giving proceedings a definite touch of the Miley Sirus-es. Final track “All We Got” does try to update things with an angular, jumpy verse that hints at Arctic Monkeys, but then the huge 80s chorus turns the whole thing into “I’m Still Standing”-lite (If you can imagine such a thing).

Overall shows a great deal of promise and if reviews by the likes of PowerPlay and HardRockHouse are anything to go by, knows its audience perfectly, but a sense of direction and some updating are needed if they want to avoid living next to Asia in the melodic hard rock ghetto.

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