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Newsgush: AOL Fail At Music


nicklebackStop it NOW, big internet companies! You’re starting to embarrass yourselves! As previously covered, Microsoft decided to use nu-grunge hate figures and enemy of all those with ears, Nickelback, as an incentive to get people to use their sub par browser. And today it appears faded internet behemoth AOL have launched an all Nickelback radio station.

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Newsgush: Marilyn Manson Threatens To Murder Journalists



Faded, one-trick embarrassment Marilyn Manson has, it seems morphed into an angry fourteen year old kid, under attack from the jocks in school.

Blogging on his MySpace page (which is already funny), he has threatened to kill any journalists who fabricate any stories about him. The ’soon-to-be-murdered-in-their-home press’ are obviously quaking in their boots at the though of an overweight has-been and his legions (around seventeen at last count) of outcast children calling at their door. His threat is quite specific..

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Newsgush: Toni Iommi To Make Movies?



Black Sabbath took their name from a Boris Karloff movie. Now things have come around full circle as their legendary guitarist, Tony Iommi, has announced plans to hook up with producer Mike Fleiss – the producer of the Hostel movies and a whole host of ‘Worlds Blankiest Blank’ TV filler – to produce a series of horror movies.

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Ben & Jerrys’ Sundae – The Human League


Sundae, Ben & Jerrys, Music, Human League

The rise of the middle-class semi-festival is confusing for the hardened gig-goer. I’d been made explicitly aware that denim cut-offs with ‘Motorhead’ stenciled on the back and the usual gallon container of home-brew would not be required, so was at something of a loss regarding to how to prepare. Undaunted, I strapped on my finest gig-going hat (a stetson) and approached Clapham Common with trepidation, with initial misgivings amplified on the way by the presence of hoards of sundress-clad children and a large helter-skelter (being used by staff from the ‘unsigned bands review’)

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Why Jonathan Coulton Is The Future Of Music



Why, indeed.

In a world filled with artists pushing the boundaries of what can be considered music and established musicians reinventing themselves as often as a normal man buys new socks, why is vaguely folky geek-rock singer-songwriter with little mainstream coverage Jonathan Coulton the future of music?

Well – let me tell you. It has little to do with songs.

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