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Newsgush: Captain Kirk Is Climbing A Mountain


…But why is he climbing a mountain?

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Sunset Rubdown – Dragonslayer


Sunset Rubdown Spencer Krug Dragonslayer Music Review

Sunset Rubdown are a confusing prospect. Where a good rock band will make you wait an age – all the way till the finale – before they deign to make that riff you’ve been hearing in your head throughout manifest itself, Sunset Rubdown will throw it in after five seconds. They’ll then become bored and crash, far too early on, into one of three separate and distinct choruses before unsettling you with what you thought was a coda before it just happened, carelessly, to morph into a new version of the first verse. They’re a dazzlingly fidgety bunch.

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Frankmusik – Confusion Girl


At my school – an all boy type institution – you fell into one of three camps. You might have been an indie-loving sort – rubbish at football and with enormous sideburns to prove you didn’t care about sport. You could’ve been a games-lesson-loving trendy with your facial furniture shaved to the ear so that not a single wisp of sidie adorned your non-hippy head. Or, finally, you may have been a ‘grebo’ – a metaller who broke all the rules and grew hair long, neatly trimming undergrowth with a devastating operation called an undercut – a number one or two all the way around the area below your scalp.

Mr Frank Musik, it seems, is stuck somewhere between these three schoolboy stages.

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The Mercury Prize Nominees – By Someone Who Hasn’t Heard The Albums



I’m not going to bullshit you. I don’t care about the Mercury Prize. The bands involved have never appealed and it just seems like a circle-jerk celebration of obscurity, just slightly out-there indie and men who can both have a beard and simultaneously be amazingly effeminate. Apparently this year quite a few of the nominated albums are by women, which is unusual.

So less beards then.

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10 Things The ‘iPod Generation’ Will Never Experience…



Hey you kids! Get the hell off my lawn! With your gameboys and iPods and knife crime. You don’t know you’re born. Back in my day we’d walk seven miles to pick up a CD from our local record store. Uphill. Both ways. The guy there would look down at us from behind the counter and we’d feel small. And we LIKED IT…


But seriously, over the last few years, the way we consume music has changed beyond recognition. The so called ‘iPod generation’ (a horrible, if functional turn of phrase) get their musical kicks in ways – 10 years ago – I would never have imagined. They’re both lucky and unlucky, as they will never experience the things on the list that follows…

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