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Newsgush: Adam MCA Yauch Diagnosed With Cancer


Beastie Boys’ MC Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch released the above video announcing the cancellation of some tour dates and the delay of latest album Hot Sauce Committee.

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With a name like ‘Dr Slaggleberry’ and the above inside-cover-of-a-maths-textbook-doodle-of-a-mad-scientist adorning the cover of this young three piece’s demo, one would expect ‘hillarious’ pop-punk, possibly with a comedy cover of a retro TV theme. Utter shite, in other words. With song titles like ‘Extra Strength Grandma’, my hopes are further destroyed.

Luckily – it’s so far from pop punk, it’s almost on another world.

The 8 Worst Things To Happen To Heavy Metal Ever



Ahhh…metal. A much derided, mocked and generally-laughed-at genre. And with good reason. It’s ludicrous. It’s juvenile. It’s bloody silly. But it’s also, in my opinion, the most fun you can have with music. It’s great. But playing devil’s advocate or celebrating the spandex is another post for another day. Today we shall be looking at the worst things that have happened to metal, the genre, the musicians and the bands. In it’s long history, metal has seen its fair share of stupidity and tragedy. Let’s take a look at the worst things that have happened to metal…

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Dolly Rockers – Je Suis Une Dolly


This new single from the Dolly Rockers is a very confusing thing to watch first thing in the morning. It takes you through the full emotional range. You start off a feeling a bit sick, then become disgusted at how meaningless it all is. You raise an eyebrow, then curl your overhang into a furious frown, mad as hell that this lightweight fluff with it’s weird lyric is being driven into your ears. But then, noticing the insane keyboards (reminiscent of Frank Sidebottom at his best) and the wilful stupidity of the lyric, if you’re as stupid as me, you start not minding it.

You would want to stay away from it for as long as possible and, if you had kids, you’d encourage them to keep a distance, but you realise, ultimately, that it’s actually quite funny.

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Newsgush: Guns N’ Roses Album Leaker Sentenced


Remember Chinese Democracy? The musical equivalent of Axl Rose having painful, trapped stomach gas for 13 years, before dropping a slow, inconsequential guff of an album onto the world? Yeah?

Remember it?

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