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Green Day – 21 Guns


21 Guns is a Green Day single that featured on the Transformers 2 soundtrack. It’s hard to imagine that anything could ever live up to a billing that shite, but Green Day give it a damn good try. To put it briefly, Billy Joe Armstrong appears to have just heard Pablo Honey and decided that welding some quiet/loud whinge-rock on to emo-based pop-punk is the Olympian pinnacle of musical endeavour. If you’re 15 or mentally incapacitated, you probably think that sounds just dandy.

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Thursday – Common Existence


Thursday Common Existence

You know, I really wish this band didn’t exist.  No reflection on their music or anything – I just wish they’d bloody well made their minds up and bitten the big one when they said they would. I say this because, before they kissed and made up I had what was, very nearly, officially The Last Ever Interview with Thursday.

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Delirious – My Soul Sings (Live Album)


So. Delirious. Who? What? More importantly, why? Well – this is rock for Christians: rock with roll, sex and drugs removed using surgical precision. Music to speak in tongues to.

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Pussycat Dolls – Hush Hush


We start out with the lead Doll having a soak in a bath, enclosed in a dreary, cold blue room. She is texting someone – presumably Lewis Hamilton – and the tone is sombre. My eyes moisten a little as I realise that she’s probably dumping the racing whizz again. I feel Britain take yet another blow to the goolies at the hands of an American mistress. When she eventually steps out of the bath (sneakily hiding her arse and boobs, the bastard) it’s as if she knows what’s coming…

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JLS – Beat Again


JLS are lovely lads, I’m sure, but is this the best their team could come up with after their X Factor semi-success? You’d expect more marketing expertise from such a vigorously relentless machine than the release of one of the least remarkable singles of the year. It sounds so late 90s – a time when boybands were already starting to go out of fashion – that it gives me flashbacks to being 20 years old, drunk, incapable of getting up to turn off Top Of The Pops.

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