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In a strange internet switcheroo, we’ve managed to grab an interview with music and celeb interviewer exraordianare – Matt Edmondson. Probably best known for his work making D list celebs sound interesting on Holy Moly TV, he has made a massive career switch and is now making D list musicians sound interesting on Sony Ericsson’s Pocket TV. We talk Mr T, Sneddon, fans, and why he is the next Richard Blackwood…

Hey Matt, hows things?

Very good thanks! I’m currently lying in my bed, awaiting the imminent arrival of grime artist ‘Kano’. Don’t worry- we’re not having an affair- he’s just, rather unusually, coming over to my flat to do an interview for Sony Ericsson’s Pocket TV show in which he will help me tidy up. I’ve never done an interview at my own house before, but the lazy part of me (98%) likes the idea a lot.

You’re probably best known as the face of Holy Moly TV – which celebrity was your worst interviewee? And on the other hand, who was the best?

The range of interview subjects on Holy Moly is very diverse, ranging the ‘big’ names like Sir Alan Sugar to the ‘ohmygodaretheystillalive?’ names such as Spike from 911 as well as everything in between. You often find the rudest, or most irritating interviewees are people who are new to it all- up and coming bands who like to talk all over each other, but generally everyone we’ve interviewed has been great, got the tone, played along and had an enjoyable time. It’s hard to pick a favourite- I loved the Sugababes- I got them to discuss Dave Berry breastfeeding, McFly were great (Dougie confessed that he liked to masturbate FOUR times a day) but my favourite was probably Mr T. He was exactly as you would imagine and tried desperately not to laugh throughout the interview, but I broke him! The worst was ‘Flo Rida’ the American rapper. He just had nothing to say. He was so, so, boring. I tried my hardest to coax something remotely fascinating out of him and it was a struggle.

Holy Moly is known for getting the best gossip – first. Got any gossip on the man himself Mr Holy Moly? There’s got to be some dirt there surely!

I am under strict mafia-like confidentiality agreements to reveal nothing about Mr HM. All I can say is that he is very well connected. If you work in the television, music, journalism or law you may have unknowingly met one of his ‘moles’- there are currently 146 secret informants who deliver gossip to him- none of them know each other, but Mr HM knows them all. He also has a beard, once appeared on Tiswas and plays the stylophone. Badly.

You’re a minor internet celebrity yourself now. Do you attract a particular type of fan?

I think even the phrase ‘minor internet celebrity’ is too strong! Most of the people who get in touch to say they like what I do are generally very nice and normal and polite, but they range from the very eloquent to the utterly unreadable. I’ve just gotten in to ‘Twitter’ and I often get messages that are so difficult to understand that it’s like trying to decipher the enigma code.

You now front Sony Ericsson’s Pocket TV interviewing musicians. What’s your take on the British music scene at the moment?

I think it’s in good shape- the charts are looking quite diverse and I think that’s a good thing. With the popularity of downloads, I think it’s become ‘all about the song’ , so if you’ve got a good record then you’ll do well. There are some very talented Brits out there; personally, I think Tinchy Stryder has had an amazing year so far and continues to surprise me with great record after great record.

Any bands you can recommend to our readers?

I’m tempted to send your readers off of a wild-goose-chase here e.g “There’s a guy called ‘David Sneddon’ that you should really check out…he’s AMAZING”

I am, in all seriousness, eager to see more of Taio Cruz’s solo work- he’s been producing a lot with Tinchy, but he’s a talented singer in his own right and knows how to deliver a catchy song. I am also excited about hearing the new stuff from Remi Nicole. I did some filming with her a few weeks ago and she was really good fun.

Any chance you’ll be moving into music yourself? It worked for Richard Blackwood!

My girlfriend confessed to me a few weeks ago that she’d once bought ‘1,2,3,4 Get with the Wicked’ by Richard Blackwood when she was younger. So, like rubbing a puppy’s face in it’s own poo to teach it a lesson, I made her listen to it on Spotify to remind her of the atrocity she part- funded. I don’t think a recording career is for me- I did an interview with Daniel Merriweather for Sony Ericsson’s Pocket TV where we wrote a song together and then I had to sing it back- it is one of the most audibly offensive things you could ever hear. It was, however, better than the solo material of Sid Owen.

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    I hope his Spotify isn’t scrobbling to Last.fm or he’ll have a Richard Blackwood stain on his playlist.

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