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Battle Of The Bands:Radiohead Vs Europe



Fig 1: Who Would You Rather Go To A Party With?

Fig 1: Who Would You Rather Go To A Party With?

Some Bands are better than others.

“Fairly self-evident!” I hear you scoff.

 But it’s not.

Why are they better? Probably because you say so, and you have better taste than everyone else right? Or at least, better taste than the legions of JLS fans who’d buy a broomstick if you stuck a waistcoat on it and put it on the X-Factor. Well, sorry mate, but you don’t know diddly. You can stick your photographically memorised Morrisey lyrics. You can throw those Stone Roses CDs you’ve hoarded out the window.

Want to know why? Because they’re rubbish. Ian Brown is a nob. Pink Floyd are boring old gets. Serious musicians are rubbish!

And I can prove it.

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Just a Thought: X Factor – Time To Decide


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I need to get something off my chest – I am not a music purist.

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NewsGush: Calvin Harris Rages On Twitter


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Half Man Half Biscuit once sang:

It’s a bad review, we got a bad review …oh Lord
It’s a bad review – wotta we gonna do? …oh Lord
I can’t walk down the street ‘cos other groups I might meet, and they’ll smirk
Oh, it’s a rum old do, is a bad review …oh Lord
And my girlfriend’s fuming

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Newsgush: Vote Pirate!



Following in the footsteps of the file-share crazy Swedes, a UK version of The pirate Party has been launched and is now recognised as a legitimate political entity.

Although not likely to win the next general election they can certainly bring some attention to the frankly idiotic and draconian copyright laws still in existence.

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We Interview Matt Edmondson!



In a strange internet switcheroo, we’ve managed to grab an interview with music and celeb interviewer exraordianare – Matt Edmondson. Probably best known for his work making D list celebs sound interesting on Holy Moly TV, he has made a massive career switch and is now making D list musicians sound interesting on Sony Ericsson’s Pocket TV. We talk Mr T, Sneddon, fans, and why he is the next Richard Blackwood…

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