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10 People You Meet At Gigs – But Don’t Want To.



Gigs! They’re great! Everybody gets together to enjoy music in a wonderful, idyllic scenario where there is nothing but love and understanding. Everyone is there for one purpose – to have a good time with an awesome soundtrack. What could be better!?

Yeah right.

Gigs are a sweaty mess of idiocy fulled by overpriced booze and a sense that if you aren’t having the best time – the only solution is to drink MORE. Dance MORE. It looks like someone on the left is having a better time than you DANCEDRINK! It’s loud, smelly, and for some reason you are joined by some of the worst people in the entire world – who inexplicably have the same taste in music as you. And you can’t escape from them. These are those people.

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Newsgush: Steven Tyler Fall Video Turns Up


…yeah, it’s been slow on the news front this weekend.

But never mind! What you see above is a fan-shot video of rubber mouthed rock dinosaur Steven Tyler of Aerosmith falling off a stage in South Dakota. Watch him go! Point – point – dance – spin – DOWN.

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Arnocorps: The Ballsy E.P.


Arnocorps are not so much a band as a high concept performance art-piece, self-help tape, and a shot of pure happiness rolled into a sold musical unit. Their long-awaited follow up to their 2005 album ‘The Greatest Band Of All Time’ – ‘The Ballsy EP’ has finally been released and is nothing short of spectacular.

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No. 1 – Pearl Jam – Do The Evolution

Music videos don’t come much better than this. Beautiful to look at, follows the beat of the song and tells a story. The story being man’s inhumanity to man through history and into the future. Wonderful, if heavy-handed iconography – but this is a music video – it’s better to use a big hammer than a scalpel to get your point across.

The video was co-directed by Kevin Altieri, known for his direction on Batman: The Animated Series – a massively underrated and beautiful show; and Todd McFarlane, better known for his work with the popular, if patchy comic book Spawn.

Just a Thought: Thom Yorke Honours Harry Patch


Thom Yorke Harry Patch World War Two

Before I left my flat this morning there was a repeated extract of a speech given by the late Harry Patch – the last survivor of the Great War – on Radio 4. Apparently, Thom York of Radiohead heard it and wrote a song in its honour.

So far so good.

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