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Newsgush: Raygun Become Internet Punching Bag. We Join In.


What you see above is a band who are either very, very clever or monumentally thick. Thick to the point of non-functional. So thick, in fact, that they cease to function as normal humans and simply begin to mill around making grunting noises, dribbling and, in this lots’ case, styling their hair.

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Due to some crossed wires, DT turned up at the H&A expecting a night of retro-thrash with ex-Anthrax frontman Joey Belladonna, but what we got was something very different indeed.

The very sparse crowd prompts openers The Medley Band to head upstairs, serenading drinkers in an attempt to drag them into the H&A’s tiny cellar-cum-stage bar. Those who do are rewarded with a truly revelatory performance from a band who deserve to be absolutely massive.

Top 10: Indecipherable Lyrics


earworm lyrics songs music

Earworms – those confounded, parasitic melodies that take up residence within your lobes – are sometimes made all the more irksome by the fact that you can’t make out a bloody word the singer’s crooning about. Or, in most instances, slurring. Even worse, when you’re in your own little world and some independent sector of your brain decides it’d be a great idea for you to sing to yourself, you’ll find yourself warbling a sludge of meaningless drivel. You might even get caught out singing entirely the wrong words by a friend, who’ll roundly mock you for walking around with a minute slice of incorrectly-processed information in your head, before he kicks you in the shins for being such a lyric-mishearing idiot.

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