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The Best Lipsync Disaster Videos!


Muse decide that lipsyncing on Italian TV is not for them. Hence a band member switcheroo, and general larking about.

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Newsgush: Allen Vs Interwebs -You Decide!



Ah Lily Allen. Not content with being a not-very-talented all rounder, the B-list daughter has gathered up a few quote-unquote “fellow artists” to have a pop at file sharers.

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There’s a reason Shawn Carter is Rap’s biggest brand -when it comes to self promotion, the man they call Jigga is up there with McDonalds. Fortunately, his product is -for the most part -worth the hype.

Newsgush: Glen Beck Likes Muse. Muse Don’t Like Glen Beck


If you don’t know who Glen beck is – here’s a primer. He’s an idiot right wing reactionary Fox News host with a penchant for crying like a kid with a scraped knee every time he thinks about how Communist the USA is becoming. Which is utterly ridiculous. He’s a bellend of epic proportions.
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Newsgush: Indie Kids Rejoice! Pavement Have Reformed!


Probably the defining American indie band of the 90’s – Pavement – have reformed to play a gig in Central Park in 2010.

Pavement released a string of albums through the 90’s that formed the soundtrack to tight t shirts, roll up cigarettes, fanzines and dancing while looking at your own feet. Good to have them back. Let’s hope their fans leave the tight t shirts in the cupboard though.

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