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Andrew W.K. & Winnebago Deal @ Kings College Student Union



Strange venue. I’ve never had to go in a lift to get to the venue before, but I guess that’s because I’m a country bumpkin, rather than this being an unusual event.

The first act on stage was a portly chap, shirtless, wearing gardening gloves and a flower pot mask. It started badly for him when he bent over to fiddle with a pedal and all his flowers fell out. He then proceeded to produce a set of Merzbow esque power electronics, but without any of the charm or innovation. It was shit, frankly. The audience cheered him when he finished his set, grateful to see him leave.

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Newsgush: Kanye West Makes A Tit Of Himself


All round spanner and walking advert for douchebaggery Kanye West took another step towards utter insanity yesterday by deciding to bumrush the stage of the MTV VMAs and declare a Beyonce video ‘one of the best of all time’ while teenage county singer Taylor Swift was receiving the award for best video. It is, quite frankly, embarrassing for all involved.
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The Beatles In Mono


Here at Downtuned we have a bit of a dualist relationship with the four Scouse mop tops, so it’s a rare event for one of us to listen so much of their work – suffice to say that Rockband: The Beatles is not on our Christmas lists, but the new mono box set might just be.

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Newsgush: Danny Is Sid!



Orwigght you slags! Danny fuckin’ Dyer ere. Y’know, most of youlot ave only seen me on Bravo somewhere between tits and violence with the top bois of the ardist firms or getting to be bladdy good mates with sum ov the ardest men in the ole bluddy county.

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Newsgush: What happens When The Label Becomes The Pirate?



They get raided by the police! Yay! Works both ways.

Alejandro Fernández or “El Potrillo” – the man pictured above is a Latin – American singing sensation, selling a metric shitload of albums. He was under contract to Sony to record seven albums. He then moved to Universal. So far, not particularly exciting. However Sony decided to release a load of unused material without Mr Fernández’s permission. A massive cash in, considering his popularity.

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