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Up Chuck! The Ballad Of Biscuits Continues…



Punk semi-legend and occasional Danzig bookend Chuck Biscuits today joins the exclusive ranks of not-dead-rock –n-roll-Chucks (to be honest, Chuck Billy from Testament is the only other one we could think of) and former bandmate J.Christ by rising from the dead!

A bizarre – not to mention mean-spirited – internet hoax claimed he’d died of throat cancer yesterday, and yep, it suckered us in as well. The rumours spread down the series of tubes quickly after a tip-off from an ‘anonymous family member’. Rest assured he’s still bicuiting it up in Social Distortion. Up the Chuck!

R.I.P Chuck Biscuits (UPDATE)


chuck biscuits

Legendary punk drummer Chuck Biscuits passed away this week after a long running battle against virulent throat cancer aged 44. Chuck’s career spanned punk, metal and hard rock, with his distinctive, driving style appearing on albums by D.O.A, Black Flag and Circle Jerks among many others. Most recently he played with Social Distortion, but he will undoubtedly be best remembered for his work with Glenn Danzig, John Christ and Eerie Von on the first four Danzig Albums.

Chuck passed away quietly surrounded by close family who thanked fans for their support.

UPDATE 3/10/09

It’s apparently a hoax. He’s not dead. More info as we get it.

Notorious T.H.O.M.A.S


Mashup time! This week it takes the form of portly rap star Biggie Smalls mashed into the Ringo Star narrated mass transit related kid show Thomas The Tank Engine theme.

I like it a bit more than  should.

Newsgush: AC/DC Perfect CD Packaging



You can buy a fair few things for £150. You could go to see AC/DC 3 times – or you could go once, buy 2 T-shirts and 10 pints.

Or you could buy this.

It’s the new box set see?

“Well so what?” I hear you scoff, “there’s loads of weirdly shaped album packaging out there-hell, Merzbow once baked his CD’s into loaves fercripesake.”

Yeah he did. But he never released ! That’s right, you can open this up, peruse the 164 page book and listen to the live rarities album, then plug in that dodgy strat auntie maureen got you instead of a Guitar Hero V, and play along*.

Possibly the most rock n’ roll box set ever made. God bless AC/DC.

*School uniform and duck-walk optional.

Internet! Sing!



Hooray for geeks with too much time, a sense of humour and a large record collection. For they bring us Let Them Sing It For You a site that lets you type some words into a box, press play and have the words sung at you, each word from a different song. Good fun for swearing and guessing the song. And killing time on your lunchbreak…

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