Bono: Fuck Off Now, Yeah?


Wanky, bandwagon jumping, Blackberry shilling cockmuncher Bono turned up at the Conservative Party Conference yesterday to add a final, bitter cherry to the top of  a bakewell tart made of wankers. Jumping into bed the likely party to win the next election, he pledged his support to the Conservatives promise to maintain international aid.

However in the previous week he turned up at the Labour Party Conference. The two timing bastard. He’s essentially cosing up to major politician – for what? Does anyone actually listen to him any more? Having his smug, sunglasses indoors, face attached to anything makes me want to punch it, rather than support it.

So, Bono, if you’re reading this (I expect you arn’t, I expect you’re clicking your fingers and killing Africans) It’s time to go now, please don’t come back.

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    Wasn’t he in a band once?
    The Popes?

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    I reckon , right, that that video where there on the roof, right, would be much better, if a police sniper took out that idiot with the bubble butt half way through. The imaginary death of bubble butt is the only thing I can think of that’s good about U2.who buys their albums? I’ll tell you who: Old People. Fucking old people, ruining everything as usual, they;’re almost as bad as young people, who refer to Bono as a legend, not having enough life experience t realise he’s a monumental dick biscuit.

    dick biscuit.

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