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Ted Maul, The Defiled & Bloodshot Dawn @ Finns Weymouth



Never let it be said that we only cover gigs in London. We find ourselves on the South Coast in a pub where it cost only £1 to see Death Metal in a multitude of forms, drinking jagermeister and avoiding a pair of dudes who seem to have got naked for some reason.

First up are Hampshire’s Bloodshot Dawn. They play something between deathcore, thrash and techy death metal, or at least I think they do, because missing their second guitarist, plagued by technical issues and (at the risk of sounding like sound quality wanker) having a bloody godawful mix, it’s hard to tell. I’d like to give them a proper review, but it would be unfair to judge them on this performance, because this was a shambles.

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We Interview GrooveShark CEO Sam Tarantino



We are currently loving GrooveShark in the Downtuned office – it may well replace Spotify in our hearts as ‘most favouritist music service ever’.

And rather than banging on about how good it is ourself, we talked to GrooveShark’s CEO Sam Tarantino to ask him a few questions about his wonderful app.

Can you let us know the differences between Spotify and your service? Do you have more (or different) artists?

Although there are many similarities there are very key differences. We are a Web app vs their desktop app. They focus very heavily on the consumer while we have put a significant effort and resources towards pushing artists and the back-end. Our fundamental goal is to be able to play any song anywhere from any device. We also have long tail content so anyone in the world can upload their song that they wrote in their garage or the mountains of nepal, get it heard worldwide, and use our promo network to build a fan base around it.

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Newsgush: GrooveShark Goes Legit



Another nail in the coffin for ‘traditional’ music release methods as GrooveShark (think an in-browser Spotify with a slightly different catalogue) has signed a deal with EMI to offer their music to GrooveShark users. Grooveshark is free to users, but a $3 per month premium gets rid of all that. Grooveshark CEO Sam Tarantino says…

EMI Music and EMI Music Publishing have collaborated with us to create a mutually sustainable deal which represents the future of digital music, we will continue to deliver the best music service on the Internet to our users, and we will expand our capacity to strengthen fan-to-artist connections through our technology.

Blah blah – what this really means is the Labels are running scared of the really good streaming services and rather than bury their heads in the sand or take them on in the courts they are actually doing a clever thing and working with them.

About bloody time.

Also – GrooveShark is ace.

Newsgush: Accordians Declared Cool


Sometimes I worry I’m out of touch with modern music. Guitar Hero leaves me pretty cold for starters, and I still can’t tell the difference between Kanye and Soulja boy – mainly because I have no desire to – but I was fairly sure even an ageing fuddy duddy like me could count on accordians never becoming cool…

Seriously, what the hell is going on with kids today?

NewsGush: Michael Jackson: The Live Seance



News from the @sky1insider twitter feed reports on this wonderful little piece of TV / Music / Black Arts crossover.

Psychic medium Derek Acorah will attempt to contact #MichaelJackson live on Sky1 in Michael Jackson: The Live Seance this November

This is likely to be one of the weirdest bits of television ever put onto our screens.

Derek Acorah is a bit of a joke really, spending his days scaring the crap out of Yvette Fielding on daytime TV, but putting the Sky powerhouse behind him and launching him in the direction of Jacko’s undead spirit on a catapult made of multi million pound marketing money is going to make his ‘bit of a joke’ reputation into ‘nationwide laughing stock’.

I hope he tries to do MJ’s voice when ‘possesed’ and ends up sounding like a Scouse teenager. Like everyone he ‘contacts. ‘

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