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Def Leppard Get Animated



Venerable Sheffield NWOBHM / Hard Rockers, and writers of the Strippers National Anthem (Pour Some Sugar On Me) Def Leppard are partnering with music publisher – Primary Wave to make an animated series based around the band.

This is clearly an insane idea.

What exactly will it be about?

Here are my suggestions.

Def Leppard: Fusion Mega Force Guitar Hair Go!

The boys from the band are actually a crack team of robot pilots (each instrument becomes giant and forms a bit of robot body) and spend their time fighting the forces of grunge and electro in this seizure inducing, charming childrens cartoon.

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Rage Against The Machine X Factor Mashup


It had to happen, didn’t it.

1.20 is the good bit. The rest is creepy lips…

Fun With Slayer, Public Enemy and Pixies and Wordle


I’m not sure this post needs an explanation. I put three kick ass albums (Reign In Blood, It Takes a Nation of Millions… and Doolittle) through - “a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text.” And now I’m showing you the results! Simple eh!

First up: Slayer – Reign In Blood


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Peaches, Lasers and Awesome


I’ve always had a soft spot for Peaches. She just seemed dirty, but in a good way. Not the Christina Aguilera way, but a wholesome, fun kind of dirty. Smutty even. Like a rude postcard playing electro. However, now she seems to be morphing into the mum of the one vegetarian kid in school, you know the one, always wore over sized wool jumpers and smelt a bit like soil.

But we can forgive her that. Because of LASERS. LOTS OF LASERS.

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Steve Albini’s Santa Saga



Steve Albini – the man behind Rapeman, The album Songs About Fucking, vehement critic of the music industry and superb-poker-of-musicians-until-they-record-something-ace (NOT ‘producer’) is actually Santa.

Hard to believe, but he is. Well, sort of.

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