Steve Albini’s Santa Saga


Steve Albini – the man behind Rapeman, The album Songs About Fucking, vehement critic of the music industry and superb-poker-of-musicians-until-they-record-something-ace (NOT ‘producer’) is actually Santa.

Hard to believe, but he is. Well, sort of.

In Chicago, poverty stricken families can write to Santa – the letters being diverted to charitable types, who answer the family’s wishes and provide toys and things to them. Albini is one of those charitable types. He was, anyway.

Chicago have stopped this happening. They are blacking out the return address. – Fair enough, there was some trouble with a paedophile (a sure way to stop anything like this.) But surely more stringent controls could stop the bad sorts and let others become Santas?

Albini has vowed to find a way to continue his charitable endeavors.

I want to see him dressed as Santa, trying to get down a chimney.

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