Peaches, Lasers and Awesome

I’ve always had a soft spot for Peaches. She just seemed dirty, but in a good way. Not the Christina Aguilera way, but a wholesome, fun kind of dirty. Smutty even. Like a rude postcard playing electro. However, now she seems to be morphing into the mum of the one vegetarian kid in school, you know the one, always wore over sized wool jumpers and smelt a bit like soil.

But we can forgive her that. Because of LASERS. LOTS OF LASERS.

It seems that Peaches wanted to make her live show more awesome, and went down the only obvious route. Six laser harps. Built by a strange German man who looked like he’d have no problem cooking and eating a man he met on the internet.

The show actually looks pretty amazing, but I know I’d be tempted to throw stuff to break the beams and mess up the song. Because I’m a dick like that.

Anyway, I’m hoping for more laser based instruments. Hopefully Johnny Borell or whoever is the hate figure du jour will shoot themselves with a high powered version.

Video comes courtesy of Vodaphone 360 and VBS

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