TROO KVLT American Apparel


Remember when New Look started selling Iron Maiden and Motorhead t Shirts with sequins to teenage girls? I nearly threw a shitfit over the blatant bastardization of the metal gods. However I was around 15 and pretty much everything made me throw a shitfit. Hell, it was rare when I was not in the convulsions of an epic shitfit.

Now, every bugger is jumping on the metal bandwagon for ironic or not reasons, so it takes a certain elevation of the stakes to make us take any notice. American Apparel have gone for it and have started selling a Black Metal (y’know the badger painted, church burning, murderous kind of metal. – If Maiden are the Fresh Prince – black metal bands are the rappers who got shot before they got famous) T Shirt.

Now that I’m not 15 I don’t really give a shit what people print on their T Shirts. However I really hope the Troo Kvlt Black Metal fans start attacking American Apparel  stores. Just for the shits and giggles. Underfed men in tight jeans, only distinguished from their equally malnourished female co workers by their unlikely moustaches engaged in fisticuffs with basement dwellers, fat held in check by over-tight black leather and spiked wristbands.

Makeup everywhere. The only winners  are bystanders, laughing.

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