Music Formatting To Be Replaced Yet Again


You know what the best thing about a CD or vinyl record is? It’s something physical you can actually hold and call your own. In the old days people used to go round to their friends house and even swap what they had bought! Who’d have thought that the power of watching a 12” record spin round and around whilst listening to some killer beats could be so thrilling?

Of course nothing lasts for sodding ever. In the so called digital age where everything is meant to be easier and supposedly more enjoyable to consume, the humble CD and vinyl suffered. People opted to stop buying records as the faceless MP3 had been created. Now you could own a lump of musical coding that could be stored on a mini music harddrive known to the majority of people as an iPod.

Big whoop indeed, where is the fun of displaying your music collection off? Instead of thumbing through faded record covers and marvelling at the artwork, you can now scroll through a digital collection in roughly one minute. Enjoyment factor? Roughly zero percent. However, the MP3 has become the victim of its own success. As we all know, the invention of swapping music files illegally was established way before some bright spark realised artists we’re being ripped off.

After a few years of battle, music lovers with a few morals used online retailers such as iTunes to purchase their music. Old songs then became remastered and bundled with all sorts of random crap. Often the misleading chance to win a competition to get exclusive gig tickets. Just when the dust is settling on this tediously new format, news has reached us that bigwig music chiefs want to flex their muscles and balls things up for all again.

It all gets spectacularly nerdy as reports all talk about something called BACH Techology. This sounds alarmingly worrying to begin with seeing that they can’t even spell back properly. That’s probably because it’s some sort of wacky European creation. Possibly by the Germans, they wear leather shorts for God’s sake. From the sound of what’s being planned, it looks like the humble MP3 might be getting an injection of intelligence as these details have emerged:

“The new media extension, MusicDNA, allows owners of an MP3 file to access additional updated content, including lyrics, artwork, tour dates, blog posts, videos, and Twitter feeds.”

At the moment, CD’s and vinyl purchased back in the mid nineties are just sitting on a shelf collecting dust. With the introduction of this technology it means that when JLS announce a new tour, a bare chested member from the X-Factor losers could personally tell us that they’re playing our local leisure centre or rehab centre. How terribly exciting.

For more information which will no doubt chew up your brain, visit the website where all of these proposals are being pitched:

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  • Alex
    Posted March 24, 2010 at 9:47 am | Permalink

    Umm… Is BACH not meant to be after “Johann Sebastian Bach” – the composer. Or is the “Possibly by the Germans” a subtle hint at this?

    And anyway, the artists have been getting ripped off for years by the labels. Filesharing has very little to do with it.

  • Posted March 24, 2010 at 10:24 am | Permalink

    Dagfinn Bach -founder of BACH technology GMBH.

    Yeah, check me out!

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