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Adidas Mash Up Pretty Much Everything.


So, to sell their new shoes, Adidas throw Darth Vader, Daft Punk, Snoop Dogg, Calle 13 and DJ Neil Armstrong into a blender and get this.

*runs off*

*buys shoes*

Dappy. Wanker. Poor Grasp Of Grammar.



Dappy – who does god-knows -what in comedy hip-hop group N-Dubz (masterminded by a former Mungo Jerry bassist, I kid you not) Has proved himself to be a dick of epic proportions through the medium of text message.

A listener to overfed mouth-on-a-belly Chris Moyles show texted in to voice her opinion of the group. Losers’ and ‘repulsive’ were her mildly put sentiments. She soon received a message saying…

Your gonna die

Somehow Dappy got hold of her number and sent the message.

Now, I’m all for popstars overreacting and whatnot, it’s what makes them fun. BUT. It’s not ‘Your’ it’s YOU’RE. A CONTRACTION OF YOU AND ARE.

So, Dappy, you have proved yourself not only to be a petulant, childish spanner who is also easy to provoke, but a man who cannot grasp the basics of grammar.

He since apologised, yadda yadda.

However, I am also throwing down to see if I get a response. Dappy. You are a loser and also repulsive. And you can’t spell. Bring it.

Presenting RjDj! With Added Interview Fun!



Has any real innovation in music production happened in the last few years? Sure, it’s got simpler, to the point where any Tom, Dick or Harry can create something on a home computer. Unfortunately it is mostly Dick being produced. And making things simpler isn’t innovation per say, it’s simplification. People can’t do anything new, they can just do things better and cheaper.

Luckily there are people out there pushing the boundaries of music production. And pushing it into strange new directions. Those people are RjDj – and they’ve produced an augmented reality music app.  I can attempt to explain what that means (and probably get it completely wrong), but I can go one better and have got Robert Thomas – a Reactive Music Producer from RjDj explain it to you!

Hey Rob, can you explain what exactly RjDj is?

RjDj is an iPhone and Andoid application which enables reactive music. This is a way of experiencing music which changes with what you are doing, how you are moving, the sounds around you can be part of it – even where you are on earth or what time of day or night it is.

Also, here is a video, because video explanations are ace.

Who came up with the idea? What was the inspiration behind it?

Michael Breidenbrucker founded RjDj, and had the initial ideas for it in 2001 but felt that the technology and market wasn’t ready yet. In the meantime he co-founded He then came back to the concepts of RjDj as devices like the iPhone became available and it was possible to run that kind of software in your pocket to control music in this way.

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BBC Apologises for U2. U2 Yet To Apologise For Themselves.



A repost from out TV comrades over at Watch With Mothers

According to the organisation themselves, the BBC are saying sorry for the heavy promotion they afforded the release of U2’s awful No Line On The Horizon album.

A formal complaint was made by RadioCentre, trade body for commercial radio companies, and the BBC was forced to admit it went too far in giving Dave Bono, Dave Edge and the others too high a platform to belt their terrible music from.

On one hand, this is welcome news for those of us who aren’t fans for the band, but on the other it’s another weapon in the arsenal on a future conservative government seemingly bent on incapacitating the broadcaster when they come to power.

Another blow below their own belt from the BBC’s own hand then. Let’s hope they end this campaign of self-attrition before they make themselves completely vulnerable to commercial television’s attack.

Even handed assessment there. If we were reporting the news we would have probably called for Bono, his cohorts and anyone who played one of his godawful jingly jangly dirges on the radio to be shot out of a cannon aimed directly at a spike.

Jimi Hendrix. Dead For 40 Years. New Album Out In March.



No, he’s not been brought back by voodoo, cryogenics or the sheer power of riff. Hendrix recorded a number of tracks with engineer Eddie Kramer in London in ‘69 that have since been sitting in a vault.

Kramer has since got his hands on the recordings and has spent the last year remastering them with state of the art technology. (If anything gets autotuned I’m getting stabby.)

The album Valleys Of Neptune (Neptune is a gas giant, so doesn’t have valleys, if you’re a massive pedant like me) should be out on March 9th.

As we have no idea how much of these recordings survived, or how much was actually recorded there can be no telling if this will be a blues rock masterwork or someone trying to turn a tune up session into an actual piece of music. We can but hope.

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