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Nice Stereo, Shame About the Car…



Everyone knows that listening to Motley Crue at dangerously loud volumes makes you look a lot cooler when you’re cruising in your shitty old Mark II Escort, and thanks to Ford’s in-house boffins you can finally ditch that 8-Track and get with the now, yo.

The latest version of Ford’s SYNC system -the trendingly titled MyFord Touch – now supports Pandora radio, giving you the chance to annoy people at junctions with weird Boris remixes.

Add in Stitcher for Podcasts and even Openbreak so you can bellow tweets while on the move, and Ford are all set to provide us with an all new, net-savvy generation of music loving drivers. Now they just have to fix that weird leaky breaks thing and they’ll be good to go.

TROO KVLT American Apparel



Remember when New Look started selling Iron Maiden and Motorhead t Shirts with sequins to teenage girls? I nearly threw a shitfit over the blatant bastardization of the metal gods. However I was around 15 and pretty much everything made me throw a shitfit. Hell, it was rare when I was not in the convulsions of an epic shitfit.

Now, every bugger is jumping on the metal bandwagon for ironic or not reasons, so it takes a certain elevation of the stakes to make us take any notice. American Apparel have gone for it and have started selling a Black Metal (y’know the badger painted, church burning, murderous kind of metal. – If Maiden are the Fresh Prince – black metal bands are the rappers who got shot before they got famous) T Shirt.

Now that I’m not 15 I don’t really give a shit what people print on their T Shirts. However I really hope the Troo Kvlt Black Metal fans start attacking American Apparel  stores. Just for the shits and giggles. Underfed men in tight jeans, only distinguished from their equally malnourished female co workers by their unlikely moustaches engaged in fisticuffs with basement dwellers, fat held in check by over-tight black leather and spiked wristbands.

Makeup everywhere. The only winners  are bystanders, laughing.

Album Covers Plus Superheroes Equals Awesome



The Teen Titans (although possibly the worst group of Superheroes ever assembled – even the Great Lakes Avengers could kick them firmly in their asses – Ok, they are teens though, but still…Robin) reimagined as the Breakfast Club. More specifically, as the Breakfast Club on the soundtrack cover.

It looks amazing!

It’s part of Cliff Chiang’s 12 Inch Remix series – where the talented comic book artist mashes up super heroes and 80s albums. You can see the rest – and they are available as prints. I’m off to buy the Batgirl / Prince one.

Vice Launch Music Player



Whe it comes to music, Vice magazine seem to either discover and champion amazing underground bands that deserve more attention and have their finger on the pulse of fascinating new scenes that are sure to blow up…


Go on and bloody on about bands that sound like someone throwing angry electro cats down some stairs in a dustbin.

Either way, when they launch a music player on their site you know it’s going to be filled with music that is definitely different. And different is good. Most of the time. Well, they have and it is. It should be refreshed with new music every now and again, so if you can’t be fucked to seek out new music yourself (you lazy bastard) you can name drop any of the bands on the player and instantly win at cool.

Well worth checking out if only for the 8-Bit Dub of Darkstar. Here is your Linky.

Christopher Lee – Metal God



Christopher Lee. Spy. Royalty. Sith Lord. Evil Wizard. Dracula. Bond Villain. Very Tall.

And Now. A man with a concept symphonic metal album.

Yes, Christoper Lee, a man who has done more interesting things than the entire population of Dorset combined, is now working on a concept album about the life of the first Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne.

Utterly batshit crazy, but also, rather cool for an 87 year old. (Which must piss off Dio, beating him as the oldest dude in Metal)

Lee is no stranger to metal, working with the likes of bare chested irony proof metal gods Manowar and Tolkien obsessed overblowers Rhapsody (Of Fire).

You can check out samples of the songs here. I’m not convinced by the music, sounding like the soundtrack to a bad RPG game rather than the bombastic pomp that Lee’s voice deserves, but hey, Dracula made a fucking metal album.

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