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Universal Music = Fucked.



Lucian Grainge – new CEO of Universal said

I believe that the CD will out-survive me as a format

Everyone under 40 facepalms. Very hard. Bye Universal.

Become A Musical Legend!


JAm Legend

It’s hard out there for the independent artist. Let’s face it, today’s kids are way too busy destroying Nazi Robots or playing Wii golf to listen to actual music, and music games have been limited to the karaoke market with Rock Band and Guitar Hero; both great fun, but hardly likely to push the boundaries of musical discovery.

Until now – enter Jam Legend.

Jam Legend is a unique platform offering up-and-coming musos the chance to rise above the fug of X-Factor wannabes and autotune R&B slop by putting new music directly into the massive and largely untapped video game market.


Just visit the site, sign up and upload your tunes, and they’ll be instantly available to play, meaning artists get exposure and gamers get a massive, free catalogue of new music to conquer! Not to mention creating playable lists and sharing with friends/enemies via the facebook fan page, meaning JL has all the ingrediants to be absolutely massive.

Check out Jam Legend here.

Newsgush: Sex, Drugs and Holy Communion



Apparently the Devil has all the best tunes, although that apparently doesn’t stop Pope Benedict XVI from rocking out on occasion –at least according to The Vatican’s official newspaper L’Osservatore Romano, which has leapt head first into the murky waters of internetsville by publishing a list of his top ten albums. In no particular order of blessedness:

1. Revolver – The Beatles

2. If I Could Only Remember My Name by David Crosby

3. The Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd

4. Rumours – Fleetwood Mac

5. The Nightfly – Donald Fagen

6. Thriller – Michael Jackson

7. Graceland – Paul Simon

8. Achtung Baby – U2

9. (What’s the Story) Morning Glory – Oasis

10. Supernatural – Santana

Apparently the list is designed as a users guide to those spiritual types who want to attend the odd festival this Summer, although the real surprise’s not that bad a list. Oasis are shit obviously, and Santana lost any cool points the second he came across Ricky Martin’s phone number, but otherwise it seems the afterlife has a pretty decent jukebox, balanced out by the presence of an acid tripping lesbian dallier, and an album revolving almost entirely around the dead rising from the grave.

Rock on your holiness.

Pretty Much Sums Up Post- Music


Via Pictues For Sad Children

One Of The Best Things You’re Ever Likely To See…


Kids today, what do they know about music and how it’s created? Back in the old days before colour was invented, crowds would gather to see medieval folk get funky with their lute to adoring fans. The majority of this was performed acoustically and without the aid of amps to blast out loud to people.

As time and technology have advanced, we’ve seen various instruments created to generate sound. A drum kit for example is an expensive way of making noises. Hitting different objects at various strengths with your fists can produce equal bangs. We also have different varieties of guitars! Unlike apples, they all make the same sounding note when plucked. These days its overpriced pedal kits which give you the ability to sound like you’re trapped in a moon crater.

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