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Cannibal Corpse Gets Disneyfied


First Slipknot and now this. I would drop some serious money on an album of this.

Pink Floyd Go Digital: DSi – de Of The Moon


So, you’re a billion-selling rock behemoth that needs to make your dinosaur-grooves relevant to a new generation – have you considered getting the geek overlord over at to programme your biggest hit to work on a NES?

Pirate Radio – Seaforts To Towerblocks


Last Week Downtuned was lucky enough to see a screening of the above documentary charting the history of Pirate Radio in London from it’s quite frankly ballsy beginnings an board sea-forts and ships to its slightly more low key contemporary incarnation transmitting from tower blocks using DIY technology. There is a whole lot more info here who commissioned and co made the whole thing.

Pirate radion in the 60s was a VERY IMPORTANT THING – giving an alternative to the state controlled radio at the time. Reaching millions of homes it was a real part of British culture. However pirate radio now – does it seem a little anachronistic to you? Considering to find new music requires a bit of typing and button clicking these days, dudes broadcasting to an audience with a maximum size of a few hundred people seem a little bit -dated?

If there was ever a better example of a popstar who hides behind musical fakery, then Kei$ha proves that point to a tee. Most singers thrive on letting their voice shine to show off their talent. Sadly for our American friend, she seems to hide behind many layers of musical makeup.

Stop me if there seems to be any inkling of bitterness but do people really want to be paying money for songs that sound like a failed cross breed between a robot and a human person? With Kei$ha, that seems to be exactly what we’re getting. Here is a lady who has recorded her vocals and then let the machines alter them, think of a second rate Daft Punk done on a shoestring budget. The resulting mess is tic toc. (Not embedable. Wankers. Ed)

With so much studio trickery drowning out any sort of pure musical talent, it beggars belief to see how she would sing live. That’s unless she takes around one of those machines which can alter the pitch of your voice. For the comedy value, we’d go to see that. However, it would be wrong for us to judge. Surely there is some sort of footage floating around the internet of Kei$sha showing what she really do?

Guess what, there is! Join us in our musical tardis as we warp back to when Kei$sha is only 13 years old. Here in a school talent school competition she can be seen singing a cover of Radiohead’s karma police. Remember folks, this is a completely natural raw performance with no over produced studio trickery:

Can we draw any positives from that? Hmm, the piano player seemed to be ok and is probably now carving out a career in a folk blues band. But for Kei$sha? Perhaps disguising her vocal abilities under waves of overproduced electro pop beats are far the better.

Score Chart



If you’re a true music geek, then you’ll probably dig these weirdly beautiful charts by artist Marco Fusinato, each of which takes a piece of sheet music and suggests new possible reltionships between notes.

The process works on anything so if you’re planning a cover version or want to make a U2 song sound good* then this is the process for you! For the rest of us it just looks cool.

for more of project: Black Mass Implosion.

*Not actually possible

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