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Prince Gets Slain By A Toddler


Prince calls out a 2 year old

Every time a story emerges about Prince, it seems almost impossible not to feel a bit of hatred towards the annoying midget singer. Yes he might have graced the world with a few catchy pop songs, but Christ is he a complaining prick who spits his dummy out all the time when things don’t quite go his way. Boo hoo indeed Mr. Prince. Do you want us to get you some crayons so you can go squiggle another stupid symbol across your head?

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Beyonce Motown Remix


There are times when you’ll be sat at work, the godawful strains of commercial radio filling yor ears with bilge, when you may find yourself wishing that current popular music took more notes from the classics. Obviously Endless Noise feel the same way, conjuring up this fantastic motown version of Beyonce’s Single Ladies – makes us wish beehives were back in fashion.

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