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Iron Maiden The Final Frontier Official Video


The Final Frontier – Director’s Cut

Iron MaidenMySpace Music Videos

An Iron Maiden video that doesn’t suck?!


Hotel St. George Make A Badass Video.


Occasionally I get sent mail from bands who want me to review their stuff, or embed their video or say nice things about them for some reason. I don’t often do it because on the whole, they are depressingly boring.

But yesterday I got an email that contained this…

We made the video ourselves and it’s basically a battle between a robot and a wizard (homemade costumes). In the video there are fireballs, russian roulette, sword fights, massages, a dog with a cape, breakfast etc…..

It’s actually pretty badass!

And I knew I was onto a winner. I love the fact that they follow ‘a dog with a cape, breakfast’ with ‘etc’ – Yeah, that’s right you know, dogs with capes, early morning meals, the usual, you can sort of guess what’s next… Brilliant.

This came from a genuinely delightful indie pop band Hotel St. George

I checked out the video. It did indeed include all the aforementioned stuff and defiantly rates as ‘badass’ The video reminds me of staying up til 3AM watching videos on MTV2 to try and find something new to impress my friends with.

Which is good.

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