We are Downtuned Dot Net and we like music.

Actually, that’s not entirely true. We are Downtuned Dot Net and we like good, exciting, passionate music. So we write about that. We also think that pointing out that a band is utterly ridiculous or so impossibly awful that it beggars belief is funĀ  – so we write about that too.

We like music culture – the worlds that revolve around music, genres and bands that are often a lot more interesting than the noises coming out of somebody’s guitar.

We don’t stick to any particular genre, because genres are somewhat redundant these days. But, generally, we seem to focus on what’s regarded as ‘alternative’ music.

If you’re in a band, are a public relations person or just a reader who wants to tell us how bloody wrong we are about every-bloody-thing we write and you want to get in touch – mail us at

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