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Bodebrixen+Lost Infantry: The Lexington, N1


Tonight’s sparse crowd isn’t helped by The Lexington’s weird décor – a mix of Auntie Mabel wallpaper and Bowells of a Steam Ship that still manages to boast a decent stage area and a thunderous PA playing Devo –certainly enough to engage our hipster radars from the get-go.

Plenty of pre-gig buggering about on our part means we miss openers Grave Architects, (but check ‘em out here anyway!) so are initially put in a bad mood by the trying too hard indie antics of Lost Infantry.
First rule of stagecraft: Treat the audience like the dogs they are. They aren’t interested in your in-jokes and self effacing banter. Second rule? Well, not mixing Yes guitar lines with a Dexy’s influence is probably a good one…

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Chart Hits – The Beatles Fab Figures



Everyone loves colourful flow-charts, they’re just so reassuring, here at DT we’ve spent months turning Immortal lyrics into pie-chart form – but our efforts pale next to those of Beatles fan and designer Michael Deal, who’s spent way too much time creating a series of obscure Fab Four graphs and charts, and from the looks of it, it’s amazing they ever had time to release any music:


The project isn’t finished by any stretch, so get on over to MD’s site and get involved – anyway, here’s your linky for the full gallery – we demand T-Shirt versions!

Nice Stereo, Shame About the Car…



Everyone knows that listening to Motley Crue at dangerously loud volumes makes you look a lot cooler when you’re cruising in your shitty old Mark II Escort, and thanks to Ford’s in-house boffins you can finally ditch that 8-Track and get with the now, yo.

The latest version of Ford’s SYNC system -the trendingly titled MyFord Touch – now supports Pandora radio, giving you the chance to annoy people at junctions with weird Boris remixes.

Add in Stitcher for Podcasts and even Openbreak so you can bellow tweets while on the move, and Ford are all set to provide us with an all new, net-savvy generation of music loving drivers. Now they just have to fix that weird leaky breaks thing and they’ll be good to go.

8 Bands That Defy The Internet


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Google is all powerful! It knows who you are, where you live and what you watch when you’re jerking off. Luckily there’s still a way for rock n’ roll to stick it to the man – even a man that will happily make naked ladies appear on your screen whenever you like – form a band even the big G can’t track down! DT ignores the spellcheck and checks ‘em out:

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Amon Amarth/Entombed – London KoKo



Since it’s massively disco-balled rejuvenation a couple of years ago, KoKo is ostensibly more suited to the likes of last night’s Guilty Pleasures disco than ravenous Viking metal, but with a hugely bass-heavy sound, it remains the venue of choice for the discerning – or half-deaf – metal fan.

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