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Green Day – 21 Guns


21 Guns is a Green Day single that featured on the Transformers 2 soundtrack. It’s hard to imagine that anything could ever live up to a billing that shite, but Green Day give it a damn good try. To put it briefly, Billy Joe Armstrong appears to have just heard Pablo Honey and decided that welding some quiet/loud whinge-rock on to emo-based pop-punk is the Olympian pinnacle of musical endeavour. If you’re 15 or mentally incapacitated, you probably think that sounds just dandy.

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That rumbling you can hear in the distance is the sound of the Iranian regime being shaken to its very foundations. Student protests? International condemnation? Student demonstrations? Nah! What’s really keeping the mullahs awake at night is the news that Jon Bon Jovi has recorded a cover of Ben E. King’s ‘Stand By Me’ to show solidarity with the Iranian people.

List: 5 Decent Songs On Shit Records


Wilco, Killers, Morrissey, The Vines, The Beach Boys, Music

The shit album with one decent track is under threat as an institution, and it’s all the fault of the cursed intertubes.

The ability to download individual tracks from albums means that consumers of music no longer have to tolerate shelling out for a big old pile of album filler just to get that one totally, totally awesome song they heard on the Glastonbury coverage. And that, quite frankly, is cheating. The internet is making us stupid, weak and complacent.

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Graham Coxon: The Spinning Top


Graham Coxon The Spinning Top

The Spinning Top is a 70-minute folk concept album. Unless you’re a raging fucknut, the phrase ‘70-minute folk concept album’ should rank somewhere between ‘Nazi themed gang-rape’ and ‘Jo Wiley’ on the scale of vomit-inducing horror. This is especially the case given Coxon’s history of self-indulgent lo fi prior to the fizzing pop-punk cluster-bomb that was Happiness in Magazines.

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Jack Penate – Be The One


If ever you wanted proof of the pernicious effect of London on the cultural life of the nation, Jack Penate is it. In any other town in the country, Penate would be condemned to a life of spirit crushing toilet venue anonymity until he finally jacked it in and got a job in a call centre instead.

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