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Newsgush: Glen Beck Likes Muse. Muse Don’t Like Glen Beck


If you don’t know who Glen beck is – here’s a primer. He’s an idiot right wing reactionary Fox News host with a penchant for crying like a kid with a scraped knee every time he thinks about how Communist the USA is becoming. Which is utterly ridiculous. He’s a bellend of epic proportions.
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So the prize goes to…an artist no one has really heard of.

In all honesty Speech Debelle’s music isn’t bad – to my distinctly un – urban ears it sounds  what I’ve heard sounds like early hip – hop crossed with a bit of jazz. It isn’t horrible, paint by numbers indie or unlistenable experimaental dross, which is nice.

Five Utterly Insane Covers Of Metal Songs


Van Canto covers Nightwish’s  Wishmaster

I always thought it would be cool to do an acapella metal song. I was very, very wrong. This is nerd metal to the power of nerd metal.

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Newsgush: Spotify For iPhone Out Today


It’s here – the app that will revolutionise music listening habits for all of Europe, or make a few music / tech geeks vaguely happier about how they can download music.

Either way, to have it you have to sign up to Spotify Premium, which costs a tenner a month, and removes those pesky, if endearingly amateur adverts from you listening experience.

I’m going to try it out for a month and see what happens…

Slow News Day – Hence The Best Video Ever Made


I’m not going to write anything about Michael Jackson’s funeral. Or more about Oasis split. So I present the best music video ever made. You’re welcome.

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