The Horrors Return


Yes The Horrors are back once more and are no longer even remotely goth.

New album ‘Skying’ is out through XL Recordings on the 11th of July, but fans of the band have been kept at ease with the release of single ‘Still life’ earlier this week.

The bands debut in 2007 marked a strange resurgence of ‘goth’ culture from these arty creeps, however in 2009 their Mercury Music Prize winning album ‘Primary Colours’ showed them going into more experimental territories of Brit-rock past, now they appear to have regressed even further into an 80’s haze. Some will love it, others will hate it, but there’s no denying The Horrors are back and sticking to their guns.

You can check out the single ‘Still Life’ on Youtube or below.

YouTube Preview Image

NewsGush: R.I.P Gary Moore


Sad news just in that former Thin Lizzy guitarist Gary Moore passed away today in his hotel room in Spain.

Moore will be best remembered for his work alongside Scott Gorham on Lizzy’s ‘Black Rose’ album, bt also found continuing solo success with chart topping hits ‘Out In The Fields’, ‘Over The Hills And Far Away’ and ‘Parisienne Walkways’ throughout the 80s. He continued to tour and gained great respect for his earthy blues sound.

Police sat there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding Moore’s death, Downtuned would like to extend our deepest condolences to Moore’s family and fans.


We all like to rock the fuck out in the privacy of our bedrooms, right? Perfect your Bruce Dickenson hand movements, Van Halen guitar histrionics and Bonham tubthumperisms . And you’ll look like a bit of a spod while doing it too. Admit it, if someone walked in on you you’d  try to pass it off as a nervous tick.

But never fear. Thanks to Red Bull (best served with copious amounts of vodka) you can turn you bedroom antics into fame and fortune. And not in the Paris Hilton way. You will however need a band and some kind of musical talent though.

Red Bull Bedroom Jam is a…err…thing that allows bands to upload their performance to their site and let the internet, the harsh bitch that she is, judge their talents.

The winners get fame, fortune, girls, blow and will most likely end up with severe substance abuse problems, playing dive bars for pocket change. Which sounds pretty amazing to me.

So, if you’re in a band, or just enjoy arbitrarily downvoting any band that feature members with ‘haircuts’  head on over to the site and take part.

For The Love Of God Give This Man A Radio Show


Remember Handsome Dan from Wayne’s World? (He was the ‘freak with a microphone’)

He had a cool voice.

But this guy has the coolest voice.

He may be homeless but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have quite possibly the greatest announcer voice I’ve ever heard. I could listen to him all day and be quite happy. Hell, give him the shipping forecast. I don’t care, i just want him saying stuff. Any stuff. Really. I’ve watched the video five times because I enjoy it so much.

In some pretty cool news, it looks like this video is going viral, and The Voice has been offered paying work. Go Team Internet!

NewsGush:Soundgarden Join Grunge Revival


Judging by this latest video from Seattle sound stalwarts Soundgarden (for new top choon ‘Black Rain’) it seems the Downtuned staff aren’t the only ones wasting time watching Metalocalypse all day. Featuring something of a return to their ‘Badmotorfinger’ sound and heavier Sabbathy roots, this isn’t bad at all, but it remains to be seen if the reformed band can compete in the modern market – whaddaya think?

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