NewsGush: Microsoft Utterly Fail At Music



Well done Microsoft. In an attempt to make downloading their sub par browser Internet Explorer appeal to, as far as I know, absolutely nbody, they’re giving away an exclusive along with it. Who this is targeted at I do not know. The mentally infirm? The deaf? Idiots in general?

Now, forgive me for being a cynical music know-it- all who probably only listens to unsigned, underground B sides, but Nickelback are god-fucking-awful. Look at this video. That is an audience of people who have paid money to throw rocks at Chad Kroger.

Also, check out this side by side comparison of two Nickelback songs. Exactly the same. They are guilty of plagiarizing themselves. They are essentially distilling their own shit into more concentrated shit.

By offering a free download of what I can only assume will be an audio atrocity, Microsoft haven’t so much shot themselves in the foot, but vapourised the lower half of their body with a fucking chain gun.

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