Finasteride Dosage for Hair Loss

Finasteride known for the brand names Propecia and Proscar is a prescribed medication approved for the treatment hair loss with men as well for a condition called benign prostatic hypertrophy

But how does Finasteride works? Finasteride blocks the production of specific hormones of men in the body. These hormones are said to be the cause of prostate enlargement and stopping of hair growth.

Skipping or doubling your Finasteride dosage will make the medication ineffective. It will also do more harm than good to your body. A constant daily Finasteride dosage is necessary to keep and maintain appropriate levels of medication in your blood, thus, allowing a stable hormonal environment and keeping your body in harmony.

Your finasteride dosage can be taken with or without meals. If it makes your stomach upset, then try taking it with food. It may take a few months before you see the results of this drug.


As a treatment for hair loss, shedding is a good sign that it is taking effect. Many men would freak out and drop treatment after seeing that they are still losing their hair and think that it is getting worse. But, this is just temporary. When follicles react to propecia generic, they stop their current growth cycle and start to grow new and healthy hair. This is known as the shedding period. It can last for about a month during the first few months of treatment

Another factor to consider for finasteride being effective as a treatment for hair loss is to keep your scalp healthy. Your scalp should not be in a non-inflamed and non-flaky state for this drug to work.

Side effects of   Finasteride (Propecia) include decreased libido, gynecomastia or enlargement of male breast, breast pain, nipple discharges and changes in physical appearance of the upper body. Decreased interest in sexual activity is a short term side effect while you are taking your Finasteride dosage and this usually subsides after three months of treatment.

Pregnant women should not take or even touch Propecia pills because it is teratogenic. It means that it can cause harm to the fetus during pregnancy and can lead to serious birth defects. This drug is metabolized in the liver, therefore, it is important to assess liver function before treatment starts.

Remember, before using any treatment, consult your doctor first. Benefits should outweigh the risks. You may need to take certain vitamins and supplements. Taking calcium tablets can help in keeping your hair grow stronger. As with any other medication, do not adjust your finasteride dosage unless your instructed by your doctor.

If you are uncertain about anything related to your finasteride dosage, please consult your doctor. Do not stop taking your finasteride dosage without first conferring it with your physician.