Survey Finds Women Feel Well, but Lack Regular Exercise

In a recent national survey on women’s wellness, a majority of the women surveyed feel better about wellness than they did five years ago, but more than three quarters of the women wish that they could maintain an exercise routine on a regular basis.

The survey, conducted by Market Facts Inc. for DASANI, Atlanta, Ga., polled 1,000 women ages 22 to 49 in April 2014. In describing their overall level of wellness, nearly 60 percent of the women feel better about their wellness than they felt five years ago. Of this group, 40 percent are 25 to 34 years old. Twenty-four percent of the women say that they have never felt better and consider themselves healthier than most women they know. Of this group of respondents, nearly half are 35 to 44 years old. Less than 3 percent of the women state that wellness is not part of their lives, and half of this group is made up of 45- to 49-year-olds.

Of all the women surveyed, 76 percent wish that they could maintain a regular exercise schedule, and 70 percent would like to eat more balanced meals. In fact, 75 percent of the 22- to 24-year-olds surveyed say that they want to eat more balanced meals.

In their exercise habits, 84 percent of the women walk on a regular basis, 30 percent bicycle, 30 percent participate in group exercise, including cycling classes, and 27 percent swim.