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Furosemide Potassium – Your Ideal Diuretic

If you suffer some form of water retention, then your best way to get rid of it is to take diuretic medications like furosemide potassium.  When you take furosemide potassium, you will be able to get rid of the fluid buildup through urination as the drug helps you drain the fluids away through your urine.  The use of diuretics in treating water retention is not uncommon.  However, regular diuretics make you lose important electrolytes like potassium through urination.  What makes furosemide potassium your ideal diuretic is that you do not lose such vital electrolytes from your body.

Furosemide is one of the leading diuretics in the market.  However, due to the loss of potassium when used frequently by those with edema issues, they created furosemide potassium or Lasix-K.  This furosemide potassium actually works in the same manner as furosemide.  The only difference is that it is potassium-sparing in effect which means it will not deplete the user of vital electrolytes which are crucial in the body’s maintenance.  The only difficulty with such drug though is that it risks the patient of having higher levels of potassium, a condition that is referred to as hyperkalemia.  Basically, if you use regular furosemide, you lose important potassium levels in your body.  But if you use furosemide potassium, you risk of excessive potassium levels in your body.  So possibly the best action for chronic use of diuretics will be to alternately use furosemide and furosemide potassium. Continue reading “Furosemide Potassium – Your Ideal Diuretic” »