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Jimmy takes a bite out of Manchester…

Knowing that Minus the Bear were supporting I had been excited about the gig for a long time and thus arrived early not wanting to miss anything. I don’t know if anyone has ever turned up to a gig at doors opening time, but I hadn’t before and it was a sight to behold. I was a bit shocked at the cleanliness and spaciousness of the Academy (which is much bigger than you think.) Luckily it paid off as drinks are half price till half 8 which worked out at treat, two cans of Red Stripe for £3.80 I think so my friend.

Arriving early is also an excellent idea for all us small people that populate the planet because it means you can see, which isn’t essential to the music, but you know, it’s a nice part of the gig-going experience since you paid 20 quid for a ticket. I still managed to miss what everyone chuckled about during the support set, but whatever it was probably shit anyway.

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