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As buildings go, they’re already pretty metal aren’t they? Can you think of any other buildings incorporating a murder hole?

This legacy of carnage obviously wasn’t enough for Rochester Castle however, which recently upped the ante by displaying a massive AC/DC gig (with a little help from Seeper). According to company founder Evan Grant:

“This onslaught of the senses saw the castle confront its ultimate challenge. Warping, morphing, spewing and collapsing before the audience’s eyes. Let there be rock!”

And who are we to argue with that?

Newsgush: AC/DC Perfect CD Packaging



You can buy a fair few things for £150. You could go to see AC/DC 3 times – or you could go once, buy 2 T-shirts and 10 pints.

Or you could buy this.

It’s the new box set see?

“Well so what?” I hear you scoff, “there’s loads of weirdly shaped album packaging out there-hell, Merzbow once baked his CD’s into loaves fercripesake.”

Yeah he did. But he never released ! That’s right, you can open this up, peruse the 164 page book and listen to the live rarities album, then plug in that dodgy strat auntie maureen got you instead of a Guitar Hero V, and play along*.

Possibly the most rock n’ roll box set ever made. God bless AC/DC.

*School uniform and duck-walk optional.

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