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Review – My Chemical Romance:Danger Days


My Chemical Romance’s latest effort isn’t so much an album release as a well orchestrated apocalyptic art event. With the advent of listening parties the band last night offered fans worldwide an exclusive preview of the album as hosted by the elusive Dr. Death Defying.

Apparently this is the bands departure from concept albums, but you tell me, fans are ‘killjoys’, areas are ‘zones’, enemies are ‘draculoids.’ Now personally I don’t care about this, they are great at what they do and this whole new world is utterly engrossing, so why change? Though this is still a concept album, it’s a massive leap from their previous sound with everything bright, poppy, and dripping electro from its very core.

Within the first three songs two singles are showcased. The world has already heard ‘Na Na Na’ and is undoubtedly sick of having it infused in their brains, but ‘Sing’ is relatively new and I’m sure it will sneak its way into the charts. Structured like a 30 Seconds To Mars song it seems a bit too epic for such an early place on the album, but it does have some more traditional My Chem breakdowns thrown in.

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Newsgush: The Ultimate Album Cover?


Album artwork has become less and less relevant as people consume their music in different ways. However American mashup / electronica / live remix guru Moldover has created what could be the greatest album cover ever.

Because not only does it look like a cool circuit board with the name of the artist and tracks spelt out in circuitry – but the cover itself is a working theremin that you can play! Buy one yourself !

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