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Dyscarnate: Annihilate To Liberate – CD Review


A metal logo I can read? Whatever next?

A metal logo I can read? Whatever next?

Dyscarnate are like an angry rhino on pro plus. Brutal, but very, very focused. This young Horsham four piece are one of the best things I’ve heard in a while. Not just demos, but from signed bands. It’s incredibly professional for a first release and, luckily, they totally have the talent to back up the glossy packaging.

It reminds me of Vader in a way, not musically, its far closer to American Death Metal in that respect – think Origin, Dying Foetus, Suffocation, Skinless etc – but the fact that it’s absolutely no nonsense head down intensity. No stupid samples or acoustic shit to taint the brutality of this release. It doesn’t let up. Not even a solo gets in the way of the lightning fast riffing and barrage of  double bass drumming.

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