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Newsgush: AC/DC Perfect CD Packaging



You can buy a fair few things for £150. You could go to see AC/DC 3 times – or you could go once, buy 2 T-shirts and 10 pints.

Or you could buy this.

It’s the new box set see?

“Well so what?” I hear you scoff, “there’s loads of weirdly shaped album packaging out there-hell, Merzbow once baked his CD’s into loaves fercripesake.”

Yeah he did. But he never released ! That’s right, you can open this up, peruse the 164 page book and listen to the live rarities album, then plug in that dodgy strat auntie maureen got you instead of a Guitar Hero V, and play along*.

Possibly the most rock n’ roll box set ever made. God bless AC/DC.

*School uniform and duck-walk optional.

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