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What is the sound of 2011?

BBC’s sound of 2011 is quite a big deal in the world of music and deservedly so, not only does it allow new music to have its chance at throwing the charts into disarray, but it determines what you will be being smacked in the ears with for the rest of the year when you listen to the radio, go to clubs, bars, and when you tune into the fucking X-Factor, you know you do, you corporate bastard.

This year the BBC mixed things up by allowing the presenters of the ‘In New Music We Trust’ shows to take over the daytime schedule with Zane Lowe announcing the top 5 artists over the course of the week. Cleverly the BBC have got themselves a built in audience of those who regularly tune in to be educated by the likes of Zane and Huw and those who expected Chris Moyles to be dishing out his personal brand of morning coffee with way too much sugar. Read More »

BBC Apologises for U2. U2 Yet To Apologise For Themselves.



A repost from out TV comrades over at Watch With Mothers

According to the organisation themselves, the BBC are saying sorry for the heavy promotion they afforded the release of U2’s awful No Line On The Horizon album.

A formal complaint was made by RadioCentre, trade body for commercial radio companies, and the BBC was forced to admit it went too far in giving Dave Bono, Dave Edge and the others too high a platform to belt their terrible music from.

On one hand, this is welcome news for those of us who aren’t fans for the band, but on the other it’s another weapon in the arsenal on a future conservative government seemingly bent on incapacitating the broadcaster when they come to power.

Another blow below their own belt from the BBC’s own hand then. Let’s hope they end this campaign of self-attrition before they make themselves completely vulnerable to commercial television’s attack.

Even handed assessment there. If we were reporting the news we would have probably called for Bono, his cohorts and anyone who played one of his godawful jingly jangly dirges on the radio to be shot out of a cannon aimed directly at a spike.

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