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Yeeeeeeah boy! NWA may have produced a “bombastic, cacophonous car ride through Los Angeles’ burnt-out and ignored hoods.”(Rolling Stone Magazine), but who the hell cares about all that poverty and police brutality stuff -what we really like is the swearing!

As we all muthafucking know, swearing makes you harder and more muthafuckin’ sexy than any other muthafuckin’ muthafucka on your block. You want to be sexy dont you muthafucka? Of course you muthafuckin’ do! So why not check out the profanties only mix of NWA’s stone cold muthafuckin classic Straight Outta Compton?

Sure it might be missing the point completely -and reduce classic Comptons in the House to a mere 27 seconds – but those is valuable seconds you could be using to pop a cap in someone’s ass or nail some bitches..whatever those things are.

Anyway -it’ll still slam ya down to the street top: Check it out here!

The Beatles In Mono


Here at Downtuned we have a bit of a dualist relationship with the four Scouse mop tops, so it’s a rare event for one of us to listen so much of their work – suffice to say that Rockband: The Beatles is not on our Christmas lists, but the new mono box set might just be.

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