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Graham Coxon: The Spinning Top


Graham Coxon The Spinning Top

The Spinning Top is a 70-minute folk concept album. Unless you’re a raging fucknut, the phrase ‘70-minute folk concept album’ should rank somewhere between ‘Nazi themed gang-rape’ and ‘Jo Wiley’ on the scale of vomit-inducing horror. This is especially the case given Coxon’s history of self-indulgent lo fi prior to the fizzing pop-punk cluster-bomb that was Happiness in Magazines.

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Pete Doherty Live @ The Troxy


Quite standable, actually.

Quite standable, actually.

Sunday night, and something decidedly indie and mainstream for the staff of DownTuned, as we brave both the East End and a style of music that doesn’t include a pig sacrifice, strange days indeed! But while the dodgy boozer next door doesn’t fill me with confidence for the evening, things pick up on entering the Troxy’s glorious 1930s art deco environs, complete with balcony booths and even a bloody carpeted dancefloor-god alone knows how they get the stains out…

It seems like the country air and pies are doing young Pete a world of good, as he ambles amiably onto stage in fine fettle, actually filling that suit for once, and launches into a lone acoustic version of “When the lights go out”, and sets the tone for this evening, one of shambling, good natured fun with the newly christened Peter and a few celebrity great mates.

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