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Hovadah: Eyes Reveal – Demo Review


Grindcore requires low light conditions.

Grindcore requires low light conditions.

Did I just step out of a Delorean? Or maybe a phone booth? Because listening to Hovadah’s Eyes Reveal it could easily be 1989 and Grindcrusher is just hitting the shelves. This is brilliantly old school grind. No triggered drums, no regard for elaborate production, just head down, furious, simple fun.

The closest comparison, sound wise (without getting into neckbeard-grind territory) is From Enslavement… era Napalm Death. The vocals, while not the most broootal I’ve heard, are spat with passion and personality in both the cookie monster and high pitch variety. Drums, bass and guitar blend into a killer whirlwind dirge which carries things along nicely.

If you’re looking for subtlety, sophistication or deep, meaningful lyrics, don’t even come near Hovadah. (Although they do have possibly the best song about cycling in London I’ve ever heard in the form of Red Orange Green – sample lyric “and what happened to the bike / it was stolen by some cunt” – Brilliant.) But if you want nine minutes and change of blasting anger get stuck into Eyes Reveal.

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