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Danzig Discovers The Danzig / Rollins Slash Fic Comic



A while ago we reported on the fact that someone had created a Roillins / Danzig slash fiction comic imagining a world where the two icons of awesome lived together as very special friends. Rollins saw it and thought it was funny. Thanks to Decibel magazine, Danzig has seen it too.

Well, kinda. He knows it exists but didn’t want to see it.

And in a quite brilliant turn of events, the dude who created the comic in the first place turned Danzig’s reaction into another comic.  Read the whole thing here.

Danzing/Rollins Slash Comic. What Is This I Don’t Even.



“Henry and Glenn are very good ‘friends.’ They are also ‘room mates.’ Daryl and John live next door. They are satanists.”

Danzig And Rollins sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

If ever there was a more mind boggling music based comic than one featuring a romace between Glen Danzig and Henry Rollins – please point it out in the comments.

Rollins is amused by this. Danzig, well – I guess he hasn’t seen it yet.

You can buy it here. If you want. I’m not sure.

(yes I’m going to buy it.)

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