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Chart Hits – The Beatles Fab Figures



Everyone loves colourful flow-charts, they’re just so reassuring, here at DT we’ve spent months turning Immortal lyrics into pie-chart form – but our efforts pale next to those of Beatles fan and designer Michael Deal, who’s spent way too much time creating a series of obscure Fab Four graphs and charts, and from the looks of it, it’s amazing they ever had time to release any music:


The project isn’t finished by any stretch, so get on over to MD’s site and get involved – anyway, here’s your linky for the full gallery – we demand T-Shirt versions!

The Beatles In Mono


Here at Downtuned we have a bit of a dualist relationship with the four Scouse mop tops, so it’s a rare event for one of us to listen so much of their work – suffice to say that Rockband: The Beatles is not on our Christmas lists, but the new mono box set might just be.

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