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All Of SPIN Magazine Online



Hey, remember when music magazines meant something? When they were important and relevant? Before the internet came along and soundly kicked the crap out of them, showing them up as the stilted, outdated, bloated relics they really are? Yeah? Fun wasn’t it?  Journalists were almost as important as the rock stars themselves – reviews echoing in your mind as much as the last gig you went to.

Now you have embittered bloggers like me spouting vitriol on a thousand cookie cutter blogs, each trying to outdo each other on spite and bile levels. – Which, to be honest is still fun, but doesn’t quite have the same romance.

But fear not! For the Gods of the internet themselves – Google – have put every single issue of seminal American indie magazine SPIN online so you can relive those days when a single 100 word review could crush the dreams and careers of hopeful alt. rockers. Go have a read.

NewsGush: Calvin Harris Rages On Twitter


Calvin Harris, Alexis Petridis, The Guardian, Twitter, Music, Journalism

Half Man Half Biscuit once sang:

It’s a bad review, we got a bad review …oh Lord
It’s a bad review – wotta we gonna do? …oh Lord
I can’t walk down the street ‘cos other groups I might meet, and they’ll smirk
Oh, it’s a rum old do, is a bad review …oh Lord
And my girlfriend’s fuming

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Newsgush: Marilyn Manson Threatens To Murder Journalists



Faded, one-trick embarrassment Marilyn Manson has, it seems morphed into an angry fourteen year old kid, under attack from the jocks in school.

Blogging on his MySpace page (which is already funny), he has threatened to kill any journalists who fabricate any stories about him. The ’soon-to-be-murdered-in-their-home press’ are obviously quaking in their boots at the though of an overweight has-been and his legions (around seventeen at last count) of outcast children calling at their door. His threat is quite specific..

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