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Cider. Bands. Party.


Cider usually means festivals in the Westcountry, teenagers on park benches and tramps on street corners. Not the best in new music. New music usually means self consciously cheap and crappy beers.

Not so any more. Kopparberg, purveys of a whole variety of tasty ciders, have got in on the game . Kopparberg Klash is the latest hunt for the nation’s best new band (among other creative type things). usually these involve a bunch of watered down pub rock bands and cookie cutter versions of whatever is currently in the top ten.

Lucky for us that Vice magazine is involved to make sure a well needed injection of skinny jeans, asymmetrical haircuts and keyboards that sound like NES  games.

The final (because who really wants to sit through the local also rans) is THIS WEDNESDAY, so if you’re about the Shoreditch area (where else?) get on down to The Old Blue Last to check out Plus Ultra, Dead Wolf Club and Filthy Boy along with MC Charlie Partridge of the East End comedy duo Robin & Partridge, DJs and a whole load of cider.

Head on down. We’ll be there if that helps.

We know it won’t.

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